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100 Days of Technique


A straightforward guide created to provide simple content for weightlifters and CrossFitters, at any level, to take into their training on a daily basis.

Through simple but critical steps, this book provides lifters with cues, tips, and advice that has been used, tested, and proven to work. It is intended as an ongoing coaching and lifting resource.


  • 100 technical tips and cues for snatch, clean & jerk, and squats

  • Corrective exercises and drills

  • Full-color photograph demonstrations

  • Access to video demonstrations

  • Bonus mobility exercises


Who is this book for?

Everyone can benefit from 100 Days of Technique:

  • Individuals who want to learn basic technique

  • Experienced weightlifters who want to revisit and refine their technique

  • CrossFitters and other athletes who want to improve weightlifting within their training

  • Coaches who want to expand their coaching toolkit

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Through simple but critical steps

this book provides lifters with cues, tips, and advice that has been used, tested, and proven to work.


How to Use This Book

  • Identify a weakness in your technique, then turn to the corresponding section of the book. Do not feel obligated to read it in any particular order; it’s meant to be a reference.

  • Select one thing from the book to focus on for the next several training sessions. Do not attempt to fix too many things at once; take it one day at a time.

  • Repeat as necessary. Do not expect immediate mastery; true progress takes time!


To supplement the book, you can access video demonstrations under Resources.

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Meet the Author

Christopher Yang

Christopher Yang, head coach at Kingfield Barbell, coaches one of the best weightlifting teams in Minnesota. Yang has brought several weightlifters to national competitions, worked with International level weightlifters, and been to several national competitions himself. With a B.A. in Exercise Science from Augsburg University, Yang has dedicated his career to coaching and helping others through Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit.